tile installation st Petersburg fl are building tiles of glass. Not only is the glass tile esthetically stunning, it is robust, easy to clean and highlights every room inside and outside. Use a little as a screen, or braze yourself, and mount it on a wall. Glass is available in a variety of shapes and colors and refracts light.

 Glass tile will surely add elegance to your home room or area.

Well known for its longevity and luxurious feel, tile is a great refreshment to any home space. Whether you’re looking to add a little color to your kitchen, bathroom surroundings to make your bathroom feel more like a spa, or just a quick upgrade to the laundry room floor, this versatile item will make any area look brand new. 

The flexibility in layout is one of the most important features found in tile. Tile can be used to customize your room exactly to your taste, from kitchens to baths to outdoor patios.

tile installation st Petersburg fl

Leave completed installation free of scratched, chipped, bent, unbonded or otherwise faulty tile work. Throughout construction time, to prevent staining or injury, protect all floor tile installations with kraft paper or other heavy covering. 

No foot or wheel traffic allowed on the floor after grouting for at least 7 days. A grout joint must be used due to the inherent difference in the size of porcelain and ceramic floor tiles. Your installer will suggest an acceptable grout joint for the selected material.

Ceramic, porcelain and marble floors are installed in the surrounding areas. Our tiling contractors are trained and experienced locally to take on a residential or commercial tiling job of any size. As they say, “It was done there.”


Installation of tile flooring is a task that a flooring specialist certainly needs to perform. You don’t want to regret spending all that money for nothing, just getting it back, wasting more time and losing more sleep. No body has time to do that. So, please stop all that chaos and call A1A Tile Installation’s tile experts!

If you are looking for a professional tile installer or a qualified service provider for repair and restoration, give us a call. Our decades of experience ensure that the job is done properly. For kitchens, baths, and more, we install marble floors, granite countertops, and other natural stone surfaces.

 Our wide range of restoration services range from marble polishing, stripping and enhancing slate, and removing etches from marble countertops to travertine repair, refining fireplace surroundings, and removing stains from calcareous floors. We agree that you should look beautiful on your floors and surfaces and feel at home.